Sushi TEI & The Library Mid valley ~ GSC Signature The Garden

Tetiba takde plan.. Ingatkan nak kuar lunch jer ngan sherry.. pusing punya pusing nak lunch mane, last last p Mid Valley. Sampai Mid Valley all parking in red light.. DAMN!!! Pe lg, trus g Valet Parking.. Bape jer sgt.. dari kul 2ptg ga 8 mlm baru RM22.. kalo ni kata mahal, tak tahu laa..

Pas jockey amik kete, kitorg straight g GSC Mid Valley. plan nak beli tiket 3D Sammy Adventure Gold Class. tp yg menyedihkan Gold Class under renovation.. sedangkan b4 g Mid Valley da check internet, takde inform papepun..

So kitorg change plan g tgk kat GSC Signature The Garden.. situ ade Gold Class and Premier Class.. tp sherry da ngadu lapar.. so g food court kat atas Mid Valley. plan nak makan japanese food. then suddenly dunno y sherry said she want Sushi King juz beside the food court. sedeynyer maybe tat time “lunch hours”(2.45pm), org beratur sampai keluar wait to be seated.

So malas nak fikir panjang2, straight g GSC Signature beli ticket dulu.. Sedeynye Gold Class takde 3D Sammy Adventure.. Premier ada..

Gold Class – RM65/pax.  Premier Class – RM23/pax

Counter GSC Signature The Garden

Entrance Hall GSC Signature The Garden

So kire save laa gak akhirnya.. hehehe.. pas beli ticket, we r searching Japanese Restaurant.. Down the underground tunnel between Mid Valley and the Garden. there r Sushi TEI. So we give a try..

1st Meal Sushi Ebi (Prawn)(RM3.50)

2nd Meal Oyako Don(Chicken topped with egg on rice)(RM22.00)

3rd Meal Jo Una Ju(premium eel topped on rice)(RM26.00)

4th Meal Sushi Ikura(Salmon Roe)(RM10.50) & Colagent/Avocadoe Sushi(RM4.90)

So Total all of thiz Meal include 2 Green Tea(RM4.00/cup) and Iced Lemon Tea(RM4.00) is RM84.50. Worth it and many choices.

Then we have 2~3 hrs b4 the Movie, so we hang out at The Library.

1 + 1 Stella Artois Beer(RM24.00)(Octobeerfest Promo)

2 Baileys(RM19.00/glass)

for those beer master.. grab the RM5k..

Then we continue go to GSC Signature to enjoy the cute little turtle.. nice and have the humor and sad part.. good job even the line story same/shorter than the nemo.. atleast 3D..

At the nite we Karaoke wif sherry’s friend at jln Changkat Thambi Dollah, juz behind the Time Square. 12.00am til 04.00am wif 3 jug beers 1 room tat can be fill maximum 8 persons, juz RM180.00. Add RM55 for a butterfly.



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