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Sir. Lobster

Back from Tawau and bring family of Sir. Lobster. RM75 for all 7 lobster family members. I don’t know how and why, My friends just back from Kota Kinabalu. The Kerapu they eat was RM40?!!! I was shocked cause there … Continue reading

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Tour around UpTown Putrajaya ~ Padi Restaurant Cyberjaya

In searching new house for next year, I’m went through around Puchong~Equine Park ~ Saujana Putra via SKVE ~ Selangor Science Park2 ~Cyberjaya. Then we stopped at Padi Restaurant beside Old Town Kopitiam Cyberjaya. Spaghetti with Turkey Ham & Mix … Continue reading

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En William

Even William juz a old stall, but the taste of its food never down us. There are friends didnt want go Wiliam coz smelly, agree if the time is raining or juz finished rain. But where else u can get … Continue reading

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Eidul adha 10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431

My dad was not very well to travel, so he stayed alone at home. Me, my siblings and my mom went back Johor to meet my Tok Cik mom’s side. We ride there by a new car of my bro~Black … Continue reading

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19th November

Why wif tiz date? hrmm.. When i woke up in the morning, i went to kitchen to get my panadol(stopped aspirin coz afraid of the effect).. Then I’m ate banana coz too hungry. I’m juz recover from my fever since … Continue reading

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Bayou Alamanda

My dad want to eat steak. so we all choose Bayou at Alamanda. We have been there b4, and the meal is juz an ordinary and nothing spesel. the worst were, there r only 2 waiters and not sure if … Continue reading

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Legend of the Seeker

season1 all 22 episodes done.. rest before start watching season2 nice story even similar to the merlin, but more better.. ~I’m The Sinner not Seeker~

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Smoked Duck & Pandan Grilled Chicken Fried Rice

Mau roti?mau mee?mau nasi? nasi seafood? ayam? daging?ketam? ayam mau cuba nasi goreng smoked duck ayam pandan? ok.. air kasi soda herb k.. ~En. William~

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Ayam Penyet Wangsa Walk

hrmmm.. told oredy do not go to Ayam Penyet. bcoz i’ve oredy been there once. but u guys didnt want listen to me. nothing spesel there. but u all will paid for me, so i juz follow u guys to … Continue reading

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On Deepavali, suddenly i try tiz paradize juz in front of istana hotel. Quite peace and comfort. the bald waiter is so frenly. worth it for ur services charge 10% paid. hahaha.. lets go thru wat have i ate and … Continue reading

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