What a Burning Day

The day my mom asked me to follow her went to penang, i’m refused coz i wanna meet my brother. Not an order, but asking either wanna follow or not.

After my mom otw to Penang, i met cute girl ‘KID’. We went around KL and bought Mcd then sent her back as usual reason. hehehe..

When I reached home, my mom called and ask either i’ve met my brother or not today? So I said Not yet coz i’m planned on the next day. Then my mom said my brother’s factory burned out.

Arghh!!! Actually i’ve my planned to make some loan/advise from him bout doing something i try to involved. That time in my mind said Not My Day.

So I went to my brother’s factory around 8pm. The fire still there and the factory is not there anymore. The saddest is the factory didnt have insurance coz of the bla bla bla bla reasons.

The next morning, as his brother and behalf from my family side, I went to his factory again to help clean up the burned factory. Needed 3 lorries for 15 trips to bring and sell the burned things. For my knowledge, for a trip can earned RM1k. So total average is RM15k juz for tat day. There r 1 more trip for the next day, make it 16th trip.

1 life gone. R.I.P.

All cost burned out were around RM300k.



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