Sushi TEI and more TEI


not in plan to eat sushi, but coz my bro’s 1st payment work wif Mah Sing Berhad. he asked me where to eat and Sushi TEI is 1 of my recommendations.



Nameko Misoshiru(mushroom miso soup)(RM5.80)

Wasabi Tobikko(wasabi flying fish roe)(RM4.20)

blabla(update later)

Hot Green Tea(RM4.00)

Edamame(japanese green bean)(RM4.80)

Ikura Shoyusuke(salmon roe)(RM16.00)

Sushi Tako(octopus)(RM3.20) & Black Caviar(RM4.20)

Sashimi Tako(octopus)(RM12.80)

Sushi Amaebi(sweet shrimp)(RM5.40), Jo Unagi(eel)(RM6.80) & Salmon(RM4.20)

Ebi Mentaiyaki(grilled prawn with cod roe)(RM19.80)

Wasabi Challenge

Credit to my bro’s Samsung Wave

~makan free~


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