Eidul adha 10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431

My dad was not very well to travel, so he stayed alone at home. Me, my siblings and my mom went back Johor to meet my Tok Cik mom’s side. We ride there by a new car of my bro~Black Satria Neo Basic Line wif Alarm Problem since 1st day. We got out from our house around 0630hrs. I’m as co-driver and my bro drive the car since his car..hahahahaha.. But between R&R Seremban and exit toll Seremban, i caught my bro sleepy. So I asked him to change driver, and me the bravo driver ever hit the pedal til the 200km/h. WOW!!! IMPRESSIVED!!! 1.6L Campro S4PH I4 make a great job.

While in high speed, i detected the weakness, the absorber and the rear tires(since 1st day i felt weird and uncomfortable of this damn rear tires, they said Lotus Handling) Because I’m the bravo driver, The Satria Neo & Lotus Handling still under my control. We exit at Toll Ayer Keroh to head to my Tok Busu’ house located at Taman Merdeka for raya’s pray, before we all together convoy to our Gunung Ledang. We arrived Taman Merdeka 0715hrs, unbelieveable!!!

After pray, We all convoy 3 cars went to Gunung Ledang. We stopped for our Grand. Then continue our convoy to Gunung Ledang using Old Road.

We arrived Tok Dak & Tok Lang’s home around 1200hrs. As usual went to Tok Dak’s home 1st to salam and eat then went to Tok Lang’s home which located juz beside the Tok Dak’s home. Around 1500hrs, we went to Tok Cik’s home, but Tok Cik as ex-Chief of Villagers went for the Ghani’s ceremony. So we travel back KL around 1900hrs and arrived 2100hrs.


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