En William

Even William juz a old stall, but the taste of its food never down us. There are friends didnt want go Wiliam coz smelly, agree if the time is raining or juz finished rain. But where else u can get food like William? Murni? nahh.. Ignore all the critisme or watsoeva.. I’m juz recover from my fever, so my appetite is too high. So William served the best food and cheap ever.

Hot Honey Lemon(RM3.00)

Soda Herb(RM7.00)


Crab Fried Rice(RM25.00)

Beef Pasta(RM25.00)

Mix Grilled(RM50.00)

SeaFood Risotto(RM40.00)

~Tender Stomach~


About abdullahsin

7 Demon by 7 Deadly Sins: Lucifer: superbia Mammon: avaritia Asmodeus: luxuria Leviathan: invidia Beelzebub: gullia Amon Ra: ira Belphegor: acedia
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