Sir. Lobster

Back from Tawau and bring family of Sir. Lobster. RM75 for all 7 lobster family members.

I don’t know how and why, My friends just back from Kota Kinabalu. The Kerapu they eat was RM40?!!! I was shocked cause there were cheap n fresh seafood in Sabah. Kerapu for RM40 similar price with Kerapu in restaurant + services charges & govt tax. Maybe not their luck to eat seafood in bundle. Love everything bout Sabah, money not sure coz never worked there.

I’ve choosed to steam this lobster for my dinner.

After 25minutes steamed,(steamed according the water level actually)

more than my big plate, very nice smell. look alike big shrimp on my plate.

Cut half to put the gravvy. the gravvy ala-ala sweet n sour.

Hye Sir. Lobster. watching me?

The end of Sir Lobster.

~Sir. Lobster~


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