what the heck!!!

I have my LC135 Yamaha since 3 years ago. Since december 2009, tat LC park at my basement car park. till october, i’ve decided to repair n servis the LC. but november i sent to repair. i hope when i sent, the mechanic will repair overall. like a new one.

after 2 weeks, the mechanic told me to give the deposit RM100 for Arm, Valve Rocker. its realy make me curious coz ive repaired my LC b4 by myself. So i’ve said to the mechanic, later i will drop by the deposit since im busy. but actually i wanna go for myself to yamaha factory at sungai buluh. It cost me around RM150.

after bought the thingy, straight to workshop to give to mechanic.. a week later the mechanic call tat i can take my LC.  im not in rome, but i’m in rush. currently tat time at cameron. so i said next week i will take my LC.

then after a weeks, its cost me rm110 for labour and services. expensive!! juz open the head of the engine.. not whole engine.. then know what.. my LC become snail!!!

I’m so angry then i juz move away from that workshop.


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