I’ve been followed tv programme by my friends take me into it. Its bout tv programme for the ASTRO tv station for 2nd season wheares fully sponsored by MOA. What bout or content it is? I realy dunno and I dont want to know. I just accompany my wingman, tats all.. Payment? prefer the joy along the programme.

Tiz programme is bout convoy from MAHA serdang 2010 to Shah Alam to Kg. Telok Penyamun to unknown location in Bestari Jaya(known as Batang Berjuntai) to Sg. Sireh to Cameron Highland. The pit stop mostly bout the Agro things, juz wondering the point be at Bukit Cherakah Shah Alam. Theres nothing bout Agro they done there, juz a game and a few small problem tat shudnt happens. forget bout it coz im not the player but im just a crew and sit behind from the lenses. Btw overall from crew site, nice and joyful. keep it up man. Ohh, there were artists to make the lenses look alive such AF’s artists, Mentor’s artists and Raja Lawak’s artists.

‘artist’ on demand

advertisement on top of peninsular

The unforgiven moment was the last nite before this programme end at Cameron Highland. Everyone gather together(not everyone, juz a free and unbusy people and frenly people and people need communication and joy) wif some play poker and decorate the foe’s face, some watching tv and create their own fantasies, some drinking beer and some rastaa thingy and there are magic show by Ketampi group. By 6am everyone felt sleep and will say goodbye to this programme.

poker face

mini concert in da van by Fira Mentor

The programme end at MARDI Cameron Highland. everyone said bye to the mascott. If anyone see this mascott in Singapore, please hug for me at his stomach. *wink*

Ikin AF2 soo into the mascott

Fira Mentor love his stomach

representative of Ketampi group

They all love the mascott of A GROse CHALLENGerr

Oh yeah.. 1 more thing, there r some things bout the payment. My payment and my group were been deducted coz of the van. I’m gonna said thiz not a compliment or complainment but juz to story. Ok the 1st van rear glass was break when they heading to next point at shah alam, and I in 2nd van still in MAHA struggling for the yellow satria and heavy raining flood along the way from MAHA Serdang to Bukit Cherakah Shah Alam. If I’m in the 1st van maybe I dont care bout the deduct coz there r 5pax in tat van, and in 2nd van juz 2pax. Its not bout teamwork or what, its bout company shud provided the emergency case. Yeah, the production manager asked me either I want to deduct or not, but wat else can i said, for sure i follow the majority. But if i’m doing all in tizprogramme not bcoz of my wingman and bcoz money, for sure I rejected to been deducted which supose under company responbility. so the programme at my side is joy and 1 thumbs up and for the payment, food arrangement along the programme and company production, sorry to say, 2 thumbs down till the ground. Btw keep it up and try to fix it.

~I’m juz a posser~


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