Pikom Fair @ KLCC

My bro wake me up for buy lappy, so he asked me where shud we go. I suggested Low yat the usual place for klang valley citizen shud go for ICT thingy. Around 11.30am, we juz exit from MEX at Jalan Tun Razak(actually needs to exit at Jalan Kuchai Lama to Lebuhraya Mahameru). There were a jammed, so we cut the lane to Jalan Imbi. While we waiting for the green lite, there were signboard but Pikom Fair at KLCC. So we take a turn to KLCC, and for sure all nearby parking is full loaded. So we head to basement parking KLCC. We arrive and entrance Pikom Fair at Hall 1 at 1205hrs. Pikom Fair is quite smaller than Pikom ICT Fair June.

We searching HP and ASUS lappy, but there were HP only. ASUS didnt participated in this fair maybe. So our choice now is HP only, no competitor.

After asked bout HP lappy, we take a tour nearby while thinking the price and the specification. So I went to Maxis and Apple boothes, for test the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Apple IPad. I saw IPhone4, but my interest more to IPad and Tablet rite now.

What can I said, IPad screen very nice but for the specifiction, IPad cant make a call!!! According to the post of blog SoyaCincau, IPad slower than Tablet. So IPad, I will see how ur bro, IPad2 reveal tiz April.But Tablet’ bro will come out wif new version. Oh no!! Playbook and CES otw to attract me.

ok. forget bout the tablet tat very annoying me. huhu.

after tat we head outside for the lunch, last booth was blackberry. hahaha. I realy dun like blackberry coz i hate something be a phenomenon to the world. seems there r nothing else can people want. so sorry blackberry, ur phone not attract me at all. But i take a look at blackberry booth to see either there were playbook. nahh!! not arrived malaysia yet. but there were something attract me at blackberry booth, the girl in tight suit. perghhh.. Camel toe realy make my passion drooling..

While we having lunch, we accepted to take the HP lappy with i5 and gddr3 4gb. i7? haha.. my bro dun care bout the technology left him behind. So after lunch, we start again went into hall1(there were 1 entrance and 1 exit like north and south) to buy the HP lappy. Suddenly, something not expected, my bro interest wif 32″ Toshiba LCD offered RM999.

We take 10min at Toshiba booth to make a think, then we hold awhile to buy HP lappy 1st coz HP lappy is the main point I woke up and came to KL. At HP booth, we bought HP lappy at RM2400, then we need to redeem 2gb ram at HP redemption counter located at outside hall.

After redeem, we need to go back inside(already tour the whole world) to survey the 32″ lcd. there were 2 choices, Philips or Toshiba. The Philips 32″ are fully HD, 3 yrs warranty, 1 yr insurance and its price RM1299. The Toshiba 32″ are HD ready, 2 yrs warranty but add RM150 for 2 more yr warranties, 1 yr insurance and its price RM999 + RM150. If me, I bought the Philips, but my bro think of the cash he have rite now and the warranty can add later, so he bought the Toshiba.

~Don’t Blame The Technology~


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