stars archery @ sunway pyramid

Sunway Pyramid too big to explore for me. Actually wanna find the GSC elevetor, but find this robin hood place. So I give her try 1st, then i felt i wanted to..

wrong elevator

I pay RM24 for 36 bow.

Santa Hood

1st lesson

Wow. after 20th bows, my left arm feel shaking. Is it I’m too weak?

Nvm the weakness, the thing is I will coming again every week for this robin hood thingy. So that I can shoot u with the armor er..



About abdullahsin

7 Demon by 7 Deadly Sins: Lucifer: superbia Mammon: avaritia Asmodeus: luxuria Leviathan: invidia Beelzebub: gullia Amon Ra: ira Belphegor: acedia
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