This is the ‘life’.




Hahaha… Tired to get everything well. All going wrong or i’m the only one wrong in here. But after learn a few things, i don’t care anymore. 2months more then either i stay or leave. 2015 is long way to go and will suffer.
Sit, watch, hear and learn. Good for gain knowledge. I’m not actor and i have my plan for my future.
I’m start write blog coz i have a lot times and mostly i’m the samsung galaxy note’s user.
Hope i will start blogging and blogging.
Nice to meet u.


About abdullahsin

7 Demon by 7 Deadly Sins: Lucifer: superbia Mammon: avaritia Asmodeus: luxuria Leviathan: invidia Beelzebub: gullia Amon Ra: ira Belphegor: acedia
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