break or busy or lazy

huhu.. dont have time to write blog or i shud say dun have an idea to write. my brain freeze coz of cameron highland.

will try to write a few blog before backpack to north SEA. if not, see next posts next year 2011.

if i owned Samsung Galaxy Tablet before i’m going for backpack, it would be nice. mobile blogging. but the rumors of IPad2 make me woot woot…

~I’m not blogger, but I’m babbler~

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Sir. Lobster

Back from Tawau and bring family of Sir. Lobster. RM75 for all 7 lobster family members.

I don’t know how and why, My friends just back from Kota Kinabalu. The Kerapu they eat was RM40?!!! I was shocked cause there were cheap n fresh seafood in Sabah. Kerapu for RM40 similar price with Kerapu in restaurant + services charges & govt tax. Maybe not their luck to eat seafood in bundle. Love everything bout Sabah, money not sure coz never worked there.

I’ve choosed to steam this lobster for my dinner.

After 25minutes steamed,(steamed according the water level actually)

more than my big plate, very nice smell. look alike big shrimp on my plate.

Cut half to put the gravvy. the gravvy ala-ala sweet n sour.

Hye Sir. Lobster. watching me?

The end of Sir Lobster.

~Sir. Lobster~

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Tour around UpTown Putrajaya ~ Padi Restaurant Cyberjaya

In searching new house for next year, I’m went through around Puchong~Equine Park ~ Saujana Putra via SKVE ~ Selangor Science Park2 ~Cyberjaya. Then we stopped at Padi Restaurant beside Old Town Kopitiam Cyberjaya.

Spaghetti with Turkey Ham & Mix Veg(RM9.50)

Padi House Curry Chicken Chop Rice(RM7.50)

Cantonese Style Fried Noodle(RM9.50)

Mongolian Lamb Cutlet(RM9.50)


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En William

Even William juz a old stall, but the taste of its food never down us. There are friends didnt want go Wiliam coz smelly, agree if the time is raining or juz finished rain. But where else u can get food like William? Murni? nahh.. Ignore all the critisme or watsoeva.. I’m juz recover from my fever, so my appetite is too high. So William served the best food and cheap ever.

Hot Honey Lemon(RM3.00)

Soda Herb(RM7.00)


Crab Fried Rice(RM25.00)

Beef Pasta(RM25.00)

Mix Grilled(RM50.00)

SeaFood Risotto(RM40.00)

~Tender Stomach~

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Eidul adha 10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431

My dad was not very well to travel, so he stayed alone at home. Me, my siblings and my mom went back Johor to meet my Tok Cik mom’s side. We ride there by a new car of my bro~Black Satria Neo Basic Line wif Alarm Problem since 1st day. We got out from our house around 0630hrs. I’m as co-driver and my bro drive the car since his car..hahahahaha.. But between R&R Seremban and exit toll Seremban, i caught my bro sleepy. So I asked him to change driver, and me the bravo driver ever hit the pedal til the 200km/h. WOW!!! IMPRESSIVED!!! 1.6L Campro S4PH I4 make a great job.

While in high speed, i detected the weakness, the absorber and the rear tires(since 1st day i felt weird and uncomfortable of this damn rear tires, they said Lotus Handling) Because I’m the bravo driver, The Satria Neo & Lotus Handling still under my control. We exit at Toll Ayer Keroh to head to my Tok Busu’ house located at Taman Merdeka for raya’s pray, before we all together convoy to our Gunung Ledang. We arrived Taman Merdeka 0715hrs, unbelieveable!!!

After pray, We all convoy 3 cars went to Gunung Ledang. We stopped for our Grand. Then continue our convoy to Gunung Ledang using Old Road.

We arrived Tok Dak & Tok Lang’s home around 1200hrs. As usual went to Tok Dak’s home 1st to salam and eat then went to Tok Lang’s home which located juz beside the Tok Dak’s home. Around 1500hrs, we went to Tok Cik’s home, but Tok Cik as ex-Chief of Villagers went for the Ghani’s ceremony. So we travel back KL around 1900hrs and arrived 2100hrs.

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19th November

Why wif tiz date? hrmm.. When i woke up in the morning, i went to kitchen to get my panadol(stopped aspirin coz afraid of the effect).. Then I’m ate banana coz too hungry. I’m juz recover from my fever since Raya Hajj. As usual I’m online. I found this.

World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children

I’m support of the abusing and violence against children. every countries have different way of abuse and violence. but mostly the world see the poor countries as object to against for.(hahaha.. no research juz said from my inner heart as wat i’ve known i seen) y not? for the modern countries, the abuse and violence is more silent and unseen disease. fashion, rich, power, medicine, education, politic and bla bla bla can be the source/factor of the abuse and violence happen w/o we knowing or admit!. So please help the children in both side~modern and poor countries~

then suddenly I’ve found

World Men’s Day

Nice but weird coz same day wif World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children. What is mean? Is it wanna show that Men is the most Abuse and Violence against Children? Hrmm.. let me think awhile.. Yup, from our eyes, mostly men were doing all this abuse and violence. But when the abuse and violence were used to stated for the children, do not forget that women also abuse and violence as silent killer. Women mostly tortured children not physically but mental. Believe it? I guess everyone knew it so no need to explain. Simple~ both side have their weak and their advance/strength. What I’m gonna said is not bout the gender or men/women but the day they choose. Why Men’s day on same day with World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children? Why?!

but It’s ok, not my job to choose whats the ideal day. So i juz ignore than i think bout my 1st perception juz now. But suddenly AGAIN I’ve found

World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day

Hahha.. Is it synonymous wif men? What are they try to show? This Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) commonly because of the cigarette. Admit it, when talk bout smoke, all refer men rite. Not many women smoking. Hrmm..


World Toilet Day

Hahahaha..This so funny rite.. Hello Men.. Get the toilet instead. We all knew men can pee into the bottle. Men can pee everywhere they want, Thats why most men wear pant wif zip/button. But from other sight, why this date?

These dates were choosed to warn or to show or to yell or to look down or to proud or WHAT?!!

Maybe it’s just a date, but remember, every race every nation every country every religion always have the reason in choosing the date. So for sure its not sudden.

~Weirdo Dildo~

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Bayou Alamanda

My dad want to eat steak. so we all choose Bayou at Alamanda. We have been there b4, and the meal is juz an ordinary and nothing spesel. the worst were, there r only 2 waiters and not sure if there r chef, or the chef and the waiter is same person. so wif the deco, they shud provide someone in front at the entrance “wait to be seated”. bcoz nobody, we go to sit by ourself, then around 2 minutes, waiter take the orders. the meals come 1 by 1 and there r certain meal they forget to serve till i’m ask them where is my meal. So the 10% service charges not worth. glad the meals is ok.

Korean Tofu(RM5.00)

Sirloin Steak Bayou Special(rm30.00)

Classic Burger(RM14.00)

Glazed Leg of Lamb(26.00)

Grilled Leg of Lamb(RM26.00)

Mushroom Salsa Fish(RM16.00)(Dory)

Cream of Wild Mushroom(RM6.00)



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Legend of the Seeker

season1 all 22 episodes done..

rest before start watching season2

nice story even similar to the merlin, but more better..

~I’m The Sinner not Seeker~

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Smoked Duck & Pandan Grilled Chicken Fried Rice

Mau roti?mau mee?mau nasi?


seafood? ayam? daging?ketam?


mau cuba nasi goreng smoked duck ayam pandan?

ok.. air kasi soda herb k..

~En. William~

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Ayam Penyet Wangsa Walk

hrmmm.. told oredy do not go to Ayam Penyet. bcoz i’ve oredy been there once. but u guys didnt want listen to me. nothing spesel there. but u all will paid for me, so i juz follow u guys to satisfy u guys. so u guys knew the reasons y rite.. bad services.. bad meals.. the ingredient seems its cut cost.. and the weird y the kelantanese cooked for the ayam penyet? tiz my review..

the waiter didnt know wat to suggest or recommend to us..

many meals in the menu oredy finished or out of stock.

the waiter told the taste and the meal quite diff as b4 coz the chef is new.

the meals served 30 minutes after.

there r couple came after us, but they get their meal early 15 minutes than us..

the bakso penyet the ok meal tat served.

the ayam penyet is dry, oily and not crispy as it looks. old stock?

the sayur tat i called trash sayur.. where is the sayur?!!!

i will not come again to tiz francais.


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