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En William

Even William juz a old stall, but the taste of its food never down us. There are friends didnt want go Wiliam coz smelly, agree if the time is raining or juz finished rain. But where else u can get … Continue reading

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19th November

Why wif tiz date? hrmm.. When i woke up in the morning, i went to kitchen to get my panadol(stopped aspirin coz afraid of the effect).. Then I’m ate banana coz too hungry. I’m juz recover from my fever since … Continue reading

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Sejak 20hb september, ayahku sudah mula menjalani fisioterapi di IJN. Doc ckp 4 bulan ayah kene ikot terapi ini.. Ini sumer disebabkan ayahku diserang Heart AttackĀ 2 bulan sudah. Hanya beberapa hari selepas hari kelahiran ayah yg ke-76. Dan buat pertama … Continue reading

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