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Pikom Fair @ KLCC

My bro wake me up for buy lappy, so he asked me where shud we go. I suggested Low yat the usual place for klang valley citizen shud go for ICT thingy. Around 11.30am, we juz exit from MEX at … Continue reading

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Wedding Planner Wannabekkk!!!

Hahaha.. I’m accompany my mom for shop a lot things for my bro’s wedding. went to SSF at Jln TAR then shud continue to SOGO. But SOGO cancelled and went to another new SSF’s building. When I said is new, … Continue reading

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Hahaha.. tanx to all my bff & teman tp mesra.. ur advise realy help me when the time the girls i want to keep, makes my heart painful.. Yup.. I’m single from 25/11/2009.. From tat time, I’ve try many times … Continue reading

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Selepas makan di TGIF, aku ngan ex aku g cathay utk tgk wayang. haha.. rupa-rupanya dia mmg da ade plan nak tgk citer ape.. ikotkan ajer.. sbb aku kenal ex aku, kag majok then marah2 kalo tak ikot.. so tgh … Continue reading

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