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I’ve been followed tv programme by my friends take me into it. Its bout tv programme for the ASTRO tv station for 2nd season wheares fully sponsored by MOA. What bout or content it is? I realy dunno and I … Continue reading

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Eidul adha 10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431

My dad was not very well to travel, so he stayed alone at home. Me, my siblings and my mom went back Johor to meet my Tok Cik mom’s side. We ride there by a new car of my bro~Black … Continue reading

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Farid, anak buahku

3generasi cucu/anak/ayah @ cucu bercucu Farid ni last aku jumpa dia time dia umur 6 tahun kot. Yang pasti sebelom dia masuk Sek. Rendah. Pastu bile mak dia, Kak Dayang balik Mukah, Sarawak. SEjak itu tak jumpa si Farid anak … Continue reading

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